Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lying for the Lord 2

I just want to draw everyone's attention to a sequence of blog posts that appeared yesterday, all with the theme "Lying for the Lord".  These caught my attention because a few weeks prior I had just posted my own take on "Lying for the Lord" so when I read these I was curious what direction they would take.  Part of me was wondering if they had read my post and were going to talk about what I said.  Yeah, I know, a bit narcissistic but it was really more of a worry than a hopeful aggrandizement of my ego.  Yeah, ok, that's still narcissistic. 

Anyway, sometimes I feel like I should take a more intellectual approach to these subjects but I find reading about them to be much more satisfying.  Besides, I think they all do a much better job intellectually addressing the subjects than I would, considering my flair for dramatics.  And I would rather use my blog as catharsis anyway. 

Here are the posts: 
  1. Craig posted about Robert Millet..
  2. Molly had more to say about Craig's post.
  3. Then C.J. followed Molly's with a clarification and more thoughts of her own. 


  1. I didn't talk about your post, because I had nothing intelligent to add. On that front, you covered it all. I was actually disappointed that nobody (except Becca, my loyal commenter, who I appreciate beyond measure) really took up the issue.

  2. I feel like commenting on some of those blogs out there is way out of my league.

  3. Which ones? And, it's funny, because much as I write about some pretty erudite things (or try to), in real life I'm a hick. I enjoy such uplifting activities as listening to country music, fishing, and attending tractor pulls. I'm just the product of a diverse education.

  4. Most of them. And most of the time, before I get there, other commentators have addressed what I would have said and usually do it just as good as or better than me.

    That is if I had anything to say about the subject. Most of the time I really don't, I just take it in.

  5. I wish I wrote posts that provoked more of a response. Or, rather, not the response of my ex-friend blog (and RL) stalker, who inspired my URL change. That was/is upsetting.

    You know what else is upsetting? I'm looking for a new agent. It's like a breakup.

  6. Well I'm glad you comment on my blog :)


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