Friday, January 21, 2011

Yellow Orb

Oh, Yellow Orb of happiness,
you hid behind the trees.
I have no sorrow you can mend,
the moon won't take from me.
Sorry, Yellow Orb of joy,
I'm not in place to feel your ray,
but shut inside a cold stone tomb,
until I'm free to play.

Oh, Yellow Orb of wonder,
I hope to see you soon.
Before my artificial white of ski,
sinks it's heart into my doom.
Oh, Yellow Orb of swift abandon,
 You hide from me to soon.
When freedom granted my return,
You hid beyond the moon.

View from my office chair. Jan 21, 2011


  1. Step out from that oubliet and spend some time outside. The sun is waiting for you.

  2. HUGS! SMOOCHES! Wish i could grab you and take you boot shopping!

  3. Beautiful imagery. It is clear and crisp and cold here but the sun is shining. You've inspired me to bundle up and go for a walk and, hopefully, generate some vitamin D.

  4. @Cog-Dis, I'm glad you liked it. It's only my third or so try at poetry but the first I've published.

    @Ahab and @sandi!
    I can't wait until the days get longer. I get to work as the sun is rising but can't leave my windowless office until it's already set. Weekends are my only reprieve.

  5. My Dot! You really do need a new job if that is where they keep you confined.

  6. I need a new job regardless of where I'm confined.

    They have promised that they are going to punch two holes in the walls to "restore" the original windows some time in the next year.


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