Wednesday, June 23, 2010

East Coast

To sum up in as few words as possible how I feel about the east coast:

First, the bad:
  • elitist
  • self-absorbed
  • stressed-out
  • high-strung
  • insane
  • over populated
  • no open space
  • too far from family

Finally, the good:
  • It's not Utah, Idaho or Arizona.
It looks like the bad is outweighing the good. 
It's time to switch coasts. 


  1. Do you want an invite to my private blog? We're trying to build a house, on land my family has owned for generations, and we've encountered (not for the first time) every single issue you mention. I guess "encountered" is the wrong word. "Had an opportunity to dwell on", or maybe "heinously confronted by" would be better.

    I actually said to someone, who was talking about the supposed evils of "new" (read: where were *your* ancestors 300 years ago?) people moving in, "if you hate immigration that much, go back to your own country, white man".

  2. LOL. That is a good reason to still move to the East. I have several close friends from the East coast. Once you get in with them they are really loyal friends.

  3. I had my first East coast experiences this year and my only bad experience was getting yelled at for not knowing how to add money to my metro ticket. I'm not even applying to grad schools in this (the MST) timezone.

    I guess I fit in with the elitists....

  4. I'm moving to Philly and am really really excited about it. And I'm elitist, self-absorbed, high-strung, and eternally stressed-out.

  5. @C.J., Sure!

    @Reina, Yeah I have made one or two loyal friends out here but the other 100 or so I deal with everyday pretty much make it not worth it to stay. It wasn't even this bad when I lived in Utah. Utah was bad for it's own reasons but not as bad as the east coast.

    @GMB, Good luck getting in to grad school. I think staying out of, pretty much, most of the MST is a good thing. Although, I do miss the mountains.

    @Romulus, you will feel right at home out here! I recently had a friend move out here from SLC. He is LOVING IT! He fits right in!

  6. As one who has made the switch, I must say that the East Coast is amazing and I eagerly endorse anyone wanting to move out here!

  7. It sounds like Hawaii is the place for you. . . except it can be a lot like Utah in certain places . . . .

  8. @Horizon, I just can't make it work. I want to try something else. Seattle, WA? Portland, OR? San Fransisco?

    @Quiet Song, Alaska?

    @Maureen, I probably wouldn't mind Australia. Although, I would love to go back to Wellington or Christchurch, New Zealand.

  9. Portland! Portland! Seriously. It's way less elitist, less expensive, and less-high strung. This is the place where all the exmos I know came to escape their families (and still not have to spend a fortune to go home for christmas) and get into an outdoorsy, peaceful, tolerant, diversity-loving (except those damn hipsters) place that is GREEN.

    The only con I can find is the effing rain, but that's what coffee shops bookstores are for, right

    Best of luck in wherever you decide... :)

  10. @Mel, That's sort of the idea. Less elitist, less expensive, less high-strung, fewer self-absorbed, douche-bags (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) and also not having to spend a fortune to visit family. In fact, my family would actually visit me instead!

    I would love to hang in the coffee shops. Right now the nearest one to me is a 40 minute drive. UGH! And it gets crowded at regular intervals from all of the different church sessions through out the day. I had no idea what religions they are but some of these people really do themselves up for church out here. WOW!

    As for the hipsters... there's a website that exposes their dark underbelly.

  11. Well, dearie, my lease is up in September and I'll be looking for new roommates... ;0) And there's indie coffeeshops on pretty much every corner, full of outlets and unhappy hipsters (great site, btw) and NO MORMONS IN SIGHT! W00T!

  12. @Mel, if I could just find a job out there now.

    BTW, I hope to be passing through that area in Sept. If the planets align, perhaps we can commiserate together over some coffee.

  13. I've lived on the East coast (NYC for grad school) and on a European coast, and Asian Coast and a South American coast. They all have their charms. If ind that having a homebase is helpful...but going to NYC four times a year is a must. I'm actually going this Wednesday! I've been wondering, however, about moving back to NYC for awhile.

  14. @Stella,

    Thanks for your comment. A lot of it for me is finding a homebase where I can actually feel like I belong there.


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