Saturday, June 27, 2009

WARNING: Adult Content!

So, I realized the other day that I had put up an intermediate notice to my blog warning of adult content. I guess I had originally intended to post more adult oriented things. But then I'm also not really sure what adult oriented means when it comes to writing about my life. And why would I feel the need to protect people from the realities of life?

I did have a friend early on tell me that because I used "strong" language and that much of my subject matter involved the gay "lifestyle", I should warn people of adult content just to be safe.

Ironic in that the gay "lifestyle" I write about is mostly from my childhood.

So, unless I decide to post pictures of S&M porn, which probably is adult oriented, I'm removing the notice.

Besides, most kids will never want to read this stuff anyway, it's long and boring. If they do they are quite likely mature enough to handle it.

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