Sunday, February 15, 2009

My First Post

Well here we are, my first post. Well, it's not really my first post. I had some posts here from last year. They were all about stupid political stuff regarding gay marriage and those crazy religionists. Oh, and Mormons too. Yeah, it was just a bit too topical. Topical equals boring times infinity.

Well I'm taking this a new direction. I'm setting out to do what I originally intended to do:
Dump my brain.

Why? Could it be because I'm a narcissistic little twat who believes that the world revolves round me and cares what I have to say? Of course not, that's just ridiculous. If I were narcissistic I wouldn't have made this blog anonymous now would I? Hell, if I were narcissistic I would have had my real name posted with 300 pictures of me posing with celebrities, a few hundred pictures of my cat, a list of my CD collection, my address and the place where I work and all 17 email addresses where you could contact me.

But I didn't do that. That's what Facebook and Myspace are for. I value my privacy just way too much. Well except on Facebook where I post all of that shit. Except for the cats. I don't own a cat. But my friends do so I borrow theirs.

No, in reality what I fear is retribution. But then if you are the one person who actually follows this blog you will come to know in time why I fear retribution. Not your retribution but the retribution of the people I talk about in this blog. However, if I got to know you by some slip of the tongue, and we were to somehow reveal ourselves to each other, chances are you would then become fodder for my blog. And your embarrassment would motivate retribution towards me. Therefore, all the more reason to remain anonymous. See how I'm thinking ahead here? Anonymous is a win-win!

Now, I know what your saying.


Ok, well shouting actually. But still, I understand. And I don't care. Keep in mind I did say I feared retribution. And whether that fear is real or not is irrelevant. The fact is I refuse to own up to the drivel I'll be posting here. So, yes I am a coward. Or as some of you shouted, "COWARD!"

But I digress. I believe I was answering the question as to why I am dumping my brain on this blog. Well, at the risk of sounding all newagey I will just say this:
Writing allows one to transcend the subconscious mind energies and open new pathways for enlightenment of the inner-child, god-self which will lift the core-person to its conscious forethoughts of spiritual oneness with the universe. Or some shit like that.

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